Kucoin The Best Decentralized Exchange

KuCoin is one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchanges. The more advanced features and services offered by KuCoin play a foremost role in its success. In 2022 KuCoin ranked among the top 3 exchanges in the world. There are lots of benefits and earning opportunities provided by KuCoin to their users. In the long term, you will enjoy many advantages of holding a KCS, a native coin of KuCoin. KuCoin also offers its services in more than 200 countries. This article will discuss why KuCoin is the best-decentralized exchange in the crypto market. 

Trading Volume

This year KuCoin’s trading volume increased about 180% compared to last year and reached 2 trillion dollars. The trading volume of the future hit about 23 billion dollars, and in spot trading, 11 billion of trading volume proceed on the KuCoin every quarter of the year. According to the region, Europe has maximum growth of about 381% on the KuCoin platform. Similarly, in America and Africa, growth is 189%, while in the Middle East, growth has risen to 152%.

Number Of Traders

Most of the newcomers are from Asian countries. The growth percentage is about 659%. While traders from the Middle East also show good interest in KuCoin, with a growth percentage of about 152% related to last year.

Growth Of Employees

KuCoin has certain criteria for hiring employees. In the past, 400 people have worked for KuCoin. However, the number of employees also increases with the growth of their platform. KuCoin still adds 300 more employees to their company. KuCoin always selects the most innovative minds to work for them. Therefore, they hire people in the R&D, business development, and marketing sectors.

Global Community Of Kucoin

There is a certain role of community in every business. Different bogs and posts are also present there to resolve your issues. Many big investors and expert traders are also present in the KuCoin community to resolve different queries.

Customer Service

Customer support plays a major role in the success of every business. Therefore, KuCoin takes great attention to it. They launched a bot in April to resolve user issues within a short time frame. Customer care of KuCoin always tries its best to resolve traders’ issues within a very short time.


On a KuCoin platform, every 1 of 4 world traders is present. KuCoin offers different payment options to their users according to their regions. KuCoin declared itself a hybrid crypto exchange, contributing to centralized and decentralized wallets. This feature also attracts many users and ranks them in the top exchanges. You can also find an ETH price, other coins’ live market data, and other information on KuCoin. Different currency pairs like ADA/USDT, BTC/USDT, and others are also on KuCoin. The different trading options and payment methods keep them shining in the crypto world. The high-performance team is available on the KuCoin platform to provide the best customer service. Many big investors are never disappointed by KuCoin and declare KuCoin the best-decentralized exchange in today’s crypto industry.


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