Why Choose Regenerative Medicine For Pain Management?

A regenerative treatment can help you regain function and complete freedom from the pain you had before your injury. It does so by rebuilding the tissues and repairing the damage in your knee joint, thus giving you relief from all types of pain and discomfort you have been suffering. 

Whether you have arthritis or joint pain, regenerative medicine works on all patients and helps to achieve a complete revolution in pain management. The most significant thing about this treatment is that it works without any surgical scarring or side effects on the body. Take a look at these five points to understand the importance of this treatment:

1. Pain Relief Without Any Surgery

One of the main reasons regenerative medicine is considered the best treatment for pain management is that it does not require surgery. This non-invasive procedure requires inserting a small needle of 2-3 mm into the site of pain or injury and injecting platelet concentrate, which helps release growth factors into damaged tissues. 

This can bring about a tremendous change in the tissue structure by promoting growth and regeneration. In addition, this is one of the safest methods to use since it doesn’t involve complications caused by surgical procedures.

2. Proven Treatment For Joint Pain 

The regenerative treatment is very safe and effective in treating severe joint problems like arthritis. This procedure has helped many individuals improve their mobility and relieve joint pain. It can also reduce the severity of common issues like hip or shoulder pain. Visit QC Kinetix (Albuquerque-East) near Albuquerque to find more regenerative medicine treatments and their benefits. 

3. Faster Recovery Time

Compared to surgeries, regenerative medicine helps in the faster recovery of damaged tissues and plays a significant role in reducing recovery time and pain. Most of the time, it takes 6 to 12 weeks for most patients to regain their full mobility after a regenerative pain management treatment, significantly reducing their discomfort. Therefore, this procedure is often recommended for patients with chronic conditions or those who have recently undergone surgery and want a reduction in pain.

4. Empowerment For Patients

Regenerative medicine is among the most effective methods of relieving the symptoms of several disorders such as low back pain, knee joint pain, neuropathic disorders, and other chronic problems like osteoarthritis. It is also helpful in reducing the recovery time after an injury since it mainly focuses on dealing with issues caused by damage. You will regain your full strength and become more potent after your regenerative medicine treatment. 

5. Favorable Results

Some studies are being conducted worldwide to provide more evidence about the usefulness of regenerative treatment in pain management. One of the best things about this treatment is that it has successfully treated chronic pain, which otherwise can be challenging to treat.

To conclude, regenerative treatment focuses on musculoskeletal damage, joint repair, and restoration. This helps in improving (or even restoring) your overall functionality level. Hence you will have enough strength, stability, and comfort after this procedure. 

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