What are the Advantages of Combining PDF Files into One?

Popularly known as PDF, the Portable Document Format is an extremely popular file format developed by Adobe in 1992. As per Wikipedia, the file format facilitates users to present documents that feature formatted text and images. PDF files do not depend on specific software, hardware, or operating system. Thus, they are deemed as a highly versatile format that works exceptionally well on all devices and platforms. Most working individuals deal with numerous PDF files daily, and thus, they should know the fundamentals of working with PDF files, such as editing their content, splitting them, encrypting them, etc. 

There are numerous instances when users need to combine multiple PDF files into a single PDF file. Even though it is not a very easy task, there are numerous tools and services using which individuals can merge multiple PDF files and store them under a single one. Merging multiple PDf files offers numerous benefits to individuals. This article will shed light on how macOS and Windows users can conveniently merge files and turn them into a single PDF file and list some of the most prominent advantages of combining multiple PDF files. Let us dive right into it:

How to Combine Multiple PDF Files?

Both macOS and Windows offer numerous methods following which users can conveniently combine multiple PDF files and turn them into one. Here is a detailed look at both OS’s methods:

macOS – One of the most effective ways of combining multiple PDF files is by using Preview, the native utility of macOS. All the user needs to do is open a PDF file, click on the “View” option, navigate to the Thumbnails section to view the page thumbnails in the sidebar, click on the thumbnail where they wish to add a PDF file and add the required PDFs by navigating to the Insert section present in the Edit menu and clicking on the “Open” option. Similarly, if you wish to combine JPG files to PDF, you can conveniently do it using the Preview utility. Besides this, you can also opt for third-party PDF tools like Nitro PDF Pro, FilePane, etc., to get the job done in a few clicks. 

Windows – If you are a Windows user, you can easily combine multiple PDF files into a single pdf to jpg document using the Acrobat Online tool. All you need to do is drag and drop the files you wish to merge, and once the upload process is complete, click on the “Merge” option. Besides this, you can also use other similar websites to get the job done easily. 

Advantages of Combining PDF Files:

There are numerous advantages of combining multiple PDF files into a single PDF document. Here are some of the most prominent ones:

  • It Facilitates Users to Share Data with Ease

There are numerous instances when a user needs to submit or share their documents for a project which has multiple participants. Sharing the documents in individual PDF files not only becomes a hassle for the user but also makes it harder for the authoritative body receiving the submission to organize and review them. However, if the PDF documents of all participants are merged together in a single PDF file, it becomes easy for individuals to keep a record of the submissions as well as review the submissions. Besides this, multiple platforms have certain restrictions when it comes to the number of files a user can attach or upload. In such cases, combining multiple PDFs and turning them into a single PDF file comes in very handy. 

  • It Helps in Saving Storage Space.  

The PDF format allows users to insert different elements, including text, graphics, pictures, etc. Hence, the size of the PDF file depends on the amount of information or files present in the PDF file. The more information present inside a PDF file, the larger the file size. Moreover, if there are multiple separate PDF files, they occupy more space than a single one. Hence, merging multiple PDF files into a single document allows users to save a decent amount of storage space. 

  • It Offers Ease of Management

Almost everyone uses their device’s local storage component or an online cloud storage platform to store digital files, including PDF documents. Similar to other files, having tons of separate PDF files makes it harder for users to manage them efficiently. Moreover, it also takes users a lot of time to organize multiple PDF files. However, by merging multiple PDF files, users can significantly save time and effort that otherwise would have gone into categorizing similar types of files and storing them accordingly. Hence, merging multiple PDF documents and storing them as a single PDF file works wonders for users who regularly deal with many PDF files. 

PDF is deemed the industry standard when it comes to document formats, primarily due to its versatility and features. If you wish to know about the advantages of combining PDF files, refer to the points mentioned above.


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