Swift,线程 1:exc_bad_instruction 错误 Swift, Thread 1

The unusual factor is that this only happens when I call the operate to delete the object from an Alert. I had an analogous crash and it turned out that altering my model’s id property to be an optional (i.e. from kind UUID to type UUID?) fixed the issue for me. Only licensed customers to which element of the marketing mix is viral marketing most closely related? can answer the query. Please sign in first, or register a free account. Ultimately within the context of the unique question, I suspect that the library operate that is failing has hit a assertion. Plus, when I including “Cocoapod”, I was change “Xcode” model to 12.zero for a moment as a end result of an error.

Note that with #1, observers keep getting notifications if anybody updates the state of the resource, whereas with #2 only the hook particularly registered for that request get notifications. The results of individual requests referring to the resource, which Siesta sends to request hooks however ultimately discards as quickly as the request is deallocated. Try This Code for Multiple upload Images in Single Request, This code is already working.

When I construct, there is an error in the 32nd line. But the test confirmed that the error appeared in all codes within the “didset” part. Sign up for a free GitHub account to open a problem and make contact with its maintainers and the group. Your secondNumber appears to be an ivar, so you must use a local var to unwrap the optional. You do not test secondNumber for zero, which can lead right into a division by zero.

This sort of crash will occur if you finish up working a extension which is not supported on your CPU. For example, in xcode 5 under “project-settings / build-settings / Code Generation, set the “Enable Additional Vector extensions” to “AVX2”. However, when the operate is run from right here instead, I typically get that error. It only occurs once I attempt to delete the final occasion within the navigationView. I have solved the issue by checking if the managed object exists or not earlier than calling the function.

Then, once you’ve made sense of that, read on. Simply create a brand new occasion of DbContext in you thread. This is a standard error thrown by Swift as a end result of NSNumbers aren’t pointers. That means you make certain the three reachability types are all set before the self.updateInterfaceWithReachability tries to access them.

In my Main.storyboard file, after I evaluate the one I made with Pasan’s, mine has no referencing outlet for the button. I came throughout same error myself some instances and most up-to-date one was as a result of I was lacking a LABEL that used to exist and I replaced it by mistake. The following error had come out even when an try is made to read immediately in the UIImageView. This subject has been closed because of inactivity, so you’ll be able to’t reply.

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