“Is Cleveland an interesting new team in the NBA?

Cleveland, once a very strong and titled team, is showing an incredible level this season. Many say that this season the team could very well clinch the trophy. The team’s success is primarily attributed to the signing of star players, especially Darius Garland, who was picked up from rival Utah.

Right now the team’s back line is considered the strongest in the Eastern Conference, and that’s despite the fact that the newcomers are just getting used to playing with their new team. The team’s weak point is considered its offense. Many call it one of the worst in the league, but despite this they know how to get results. 

The team will play their next game against Chicago already on October 23. If you also believe in this team and want to make watching the game even more interesting, you can turn to the best bookmaker bet in Nigeria.

The team also highlights player Evan Mobley. The player continues to make incredible progress. Evan showed an incredible performance in the last draw, and he continues to do so this season. The player is essentially the main organizer of the team’s defense, he needs to quickly analyze the situation and support the tactics during the course of the game. He’s doing a very good job of that.

Despite the positives, the team still has big personnel problems. Most of all it concerns the number three. His level of play is good, but he can’t compete with the main team. However, the coach needs to build the game on the basis of what he has. So we should probably expect some bold coaching decisions in the next games.

No matter what, Cleveland is one of the main contenders to get into the top 6 of the Eastern Conference. The new star players will surely be able to bring something to the team that they lacked in the last season. Back then the team finished in ninth place. Last year the team also showed a pretty good result, no one expected this from them. The team is now also compared to the Lakers with LeBron James. And many even agree that “Cleveland” is now on par with the opponent, and perhaps even higher. “The Lakers performed worse than expected last season. No definite predictions should be made right now, but we should definitely single out Cleveland as an interesting team that will be interesting to watch.


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